Mar 17, 2009

Legendary leg training program of Ken Waller

Ken Waller was one of the leading body-in 70-is. Perhaps you saw him in "Pumping Iron", where he served as the main rival of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I first met him when he participated in the IFBB "Mr. America" in 1971. It was unanimously recognized as a winner and, as usual, received the award "Best Legs", but it was only the beginning of his stellar career.

In 1975 Waller fix their eyes on winning the contest IFBB "Mr. Universe", which was held in Pretoria, South Africa. His main competitors were Mike Katz , Paul Grant and the sensational newcomer Robbie Robinson. Robinson, Grant and Waller are trained in the Gold's in Venice, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Frank Zane. The fight was so hot and intense that it became the subject of a bet. Waller argue with anyone who came to $ 100 per person, that he will win all, and launched one of the greatest scam in the history of sports transactions. He began appearing in the gym in baggy clothes, forcing him to look more thick. He made several approaches, and then began to complain that he feels it does not matter in order to train and care. And 18 does not believe in his victory simpletons set against it. I put $ 100 on Robbie Robinson.

But the fact that we did not know was that Waller trained like mad at Mickey's Gym near Redondo Beach. He has an inflated like a bear at the "Mr. Universe" and won them all. He also collected $ 1800 in cash with them deceived simpletons. It certainly taught me a lesson - never as not make a bet with Ken Waller.

Although he has a very symmetrical physique, but most of all Waller was known for his feet, producing a sensation. Here, in his words, those methods that he used while developing them.

Many guys have big hips - some even too big. Never had a certain level of the hips, which sought to body-as, for example, for the purpose of them is 20 - inch arm. Nevertheless, there is an obstacle to the development of excellent, and this aesthetic. You must be able to combine the mass, shape and topography - and exercises to develop all these qualities operate against one another. The mass obtained by squatting, nullifying the elegant shape and topography. Shape resulting from the implementation of specific exercises, requires a great deal of work and lots of repetition, which leads to a reduction in size. Clarity relief lines, which is also achieved through the repeated performance of specific exercises, requires adherence to a diet that further reduces weight. The aim is to achieve a balance between these three factors.

The most important thing I discovered for myself - is that work on the hips should be at the beginning of training, when your enthusiasm and energy are at its highest point. Work hard on the feet. I use a separate program, under which I practice deltoids, lateral muscle, chest and hands on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the strain on the calf, thigh and abdominal muscles give on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Here's the program.

Bob with a heavy pole. This is best for growth.

Place the bar higher on the shoulders, at the base of the neck, and in performing the exercises keep the back straight. I look at one point directly in front of himself to keep his head elevated, and his back straightened. I do squatting barefoot, standing with their feet on the floor. In this way, I achieve a good balance and arm and thigh work harder if I'm not putting the foot under the heel. Try it without the stand, but if you believe that the stand increases, then use it. I did not fall below the parallel position of the hips, because then the buttocks muscles are more likely than the hips. I mash with light weights by 12 repetitions. In the second approach, I add weight and do 10 repetitions, then I do the third approach, with the addition of weights and 8 repetitions, the fourth approach - more weight, and 6 repetitions, and the final approach - the heaviest weight, which I can only raise a 5 repetition. My best result - it is five times with 575 pounds. Heavy the press lying with his feet. This exercise increases the amount of external parts of the thighs (vastus lateralis). It also contributes to the middle of the thighs. In order to flex the first approach is easier to do with the weights, as well as drill heavy thighs and knees from another angle. I stepped up overburdened sequentially, with each approach, consisting of 12 repetitions, just do the five approaches. My limit - it is 1000 pounds in 12 recurrence, so you see that need more weights.

Bending of the legs lying on the simulator.

This develops the biceps thighs, and your legs look longer. I try to keep the upper body motionless, moving only their feet. Perform the movement until the complete reduction of the top and full bottom stretcher. Do five approaches 12 with a recurrence of the most heavy weights, allowing you to adhere strictly to the technique exercises.

Straightening of the legs on the simulator.

This improves the shape and drawing quadriceps. This is a good closing activity, because you can work on the hips until you stop of effort, without loading the lower back and does not require large amounts of oxygen. Do five approaches to 15 repetitions with maximum weights. Hold each repetition of the top point of the hips and stretch your muscles to the maximum reduction, before returning to its original position.

If you're primarily interested in building new muscle mass, use it only twice a week. If you're ready for competition, or photography, trains the legs three times a week. During the past six weeks in advance of the event follow another fifth exercise, Gakk-squatting, in order to achieve the best clarity of shape and form.

You should give yourself a minimum amount of time to rest between the approaches and exercises. When squatting, and press I never rest more than a minute. From 30 to 45 seconds - this is the maximum allowable time for other activities. You want to stimulate more growth, develop your thighs tight and fast.

Here is a complete program.

Do not forget all the exercises to perform with such high weights, which you just can.

Ken Waller program to improve the shape, length and elevation

Squatting on the bar 5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 5
Press lying feet 5 x 12
Bending of the legs 5 x 12
Straightening legs 5 x 15

The above program is too difficult for less experienced body
- Here is a good option for them.

Intermediate Program
Squatting 5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 5
Press lying feet 3 x 12
Bending legs 4 x 12

Here is another program that is very well suited for people with meager legs, poorly responsive to training.

Builder thighs
Bob 8 x 12
Bending of the legs 5 x 15

* With each subsequent approach Boost overburdened.

If your biceps can not be exposed to the feet, put them in first place in the training. Implementation of bending the legs in front squatting allows boost growth biceps thighs.

These programs provide a full load on the muscles of the hips, increasing the size and improving the form and striation thighs.

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