May 8, 2009

Man Champion (Dorian Yats)

Around the 16 - year old, Dorian Yats sparkle flash blasts, Spread powder smoke. In 1978, on
the roads of England was war. The failure of economic policy turned into riots, exchanged fire with police, the bomb ... On the streets of a furious crowd spilled wits: smashed windows, overturned and burned cars, looted stores ... For Dorian and his eternally drunk friend came minute of have good time. The two "cool" guys were able to run fast, and in this crazy moment they feel like "fish in water". A huge showcase scattered in a thousand pieces. Dorian drew out a dummy in a suit for a good thousand pounds, and friends, a happy, shouting and singing dragged "prey" on the street. Scotland Yard has handed them. Hack was stooped by the cold shower in the station. At the "cool" guys wore steel bracelets. Flashes blinded camera of police photographer. " And then behind their back sobering shut the steel doors of prison cells. Freedom of the end! Here there is, behind bars, Dorian, and adopted a policy decision: to take destiny into their own hands, to live meaningfully, and, most importantly, never to play dangerous games with the law ...

New Deal

Dorian Young Dorian How to reach peaks in sport? The will of the case? Or is Mother Nature
"delivered" him to some of aces? On the surface, and in fact it looks as if his good luck. However, a more careful look shows: Dorian future achievements can be predicted. Earlier, before the conclusion, his life seemed to have lost control "bolide," but now has become a calculated, if the chess game. Dorian was born in 1962-m and lived on a small farm of Birmingham until the father died. The boys then turned up 13. From early morning, before he left school, he worked on the farm, returning from school, again "groin" to late evening. The farm has a mother. With regard to the father, the Dorian remembers it well: "It was not ever at home - working at a local factory at night and day repairing the car. I remember only that he was a hell of a lot of hard stick - and all". Figure of the father the son describes as impressive. Looking at Dorian, believe this. Yet he mentions, because, among other things, his father's overbearing nature. So, Dorian spent half a year, and the day of liberation was the first day of new life. Resolved to not transgress the law, man has tried a lot of work - from dry cleaning to construction. In the 83-m Dorian met his future wife, Debbie. A year later, Lewis was born to them. In 21 years Dorian has worked at several jobs in order to adequately
support a family. In 23 years the nature of a closed circle. Dorian became as we know it today: an independent, critical and, of course, opinionated - into a father.

Forward, only ahead!

Dorian - Mr Olympia So much has happened that has gradually captured the entire bodybuilding Dorian. He literally "swallow" books, magazines, every crumb of information on bodybuilding. He "sharpens" the course, receiving supplements and diet to science is the severity and grew with incredible speed. In 1992, Dorian won the first "Olympia." For many it was a shock. In the 1993 world bodybuilding awaited new shock. Chief editor of "Flex" Jerry Kindela, on the status of sitting in the front row at a crucial round of "Olympia", recalls: "As long as the giants stood on the stage, Jupiter damp. But kerf light on the entire roll, and ... We could not believe her eyes! Audience Man Champion " Dorian has been enormous: 124 kilos of rigid as steel, muscles. With the growth of above 180 cm, he seemed giant. Even opponents of higher growth in its "background" appear in children. At the same moment it became clear that the fight would go only for second place. Dorian - a winner ... In the following two years of Dorian been severely tested. His intended injury. First, divide the right biceps, and the 1995-meters - tear cvadriceps. But he clearly knew: if he will stooped his"marginal" training will almost certainly lose. Partners Dorian on training tied him to the bench, put in the hands of the monstrous weight and kept where it writhe in pain: "The pain was so terrible, as if I was operated on without anesthesia. But whatever happens, I always take the call. The harder the challenge, so valuable success. " Even in the most "hard" times Dorian no doubt of victory. And against all odds to win.


Dorian, six M-r. Olympia "- is not just a" champion body. It focuses, serious, profound and persistently is the target point. "Success - the result is not the case, a clear plan - he said. - I do not unsparingly or my forces. But I studying the situation, formulate clear goals and begin full-scale offensive." Perseverance, independence and strength of character - these are the main features of Dorian. "Victory is born in mind, the mind makes you a champion. And the battle for" Sandova "is not in the room, and in your soul. When I go to the podium, the struggle is already over. It's the spirit - that's where the beginning of success." But the victory in sport - is not the whole life. "My personality is not just to fight for the title of" M-r Olympia, "- said Dorian. - Victory in the tournament - my professional accomplishments, but they define the nature of force. Just have to be born so. If
I had not made his in bodybuilding , would find it something else. Without fear began to be again, and in another profession would come to the same vertices. That, I guarantee you!

Dorian like any "star", surrounded by gossip and rumor. The truth is that in his forearm "fascist" tattoo? What is he - an active racist and likes to scratch fists in the pub? Dorian shake shoulders: "I have a wife half-chines. Sister-in-law, nephew and cousin, and is black." Regarding tattoos: "When I was a boys, was the fashion for such a tattoo, it has nothing to do with Nazis. Maybe someone interprets it to your taste, but in my" tattoo "is no crime." About drunken fights: Full delirium! Past has happened, I was forced to defend themselves. And now I'm just doing my thing and not diverted to the small stuff. " And what about the future? Of course, Dorian will continue to win. As with professional sports will come to an end, plans to move to the States and "settle down" in Florida. Wants to stay in the sports business, open a club, to keep coaching. What would he advise beginners? "The first - to choose a direction and set goals. And more work! And if you want to become proffi, used to attack obstacles. Do not deceive yourself, follow your way, believe in our abilities.
And it is not tired to repeat myself: will still be a victory for me!.

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hello you are super i met you in finland when you won over all mr.olympia you are greatest bodybuilder i am your friend from sweden stockholm 6 feet 2 iches tall very muscular 120 pound with good genetic my besy regard to you