Jun 23, 2009

You do not know who is Silvio Savor?

When I was the fourth time in a row came at the show in New York (formerly been called «Night of Champions»), I started noticing that the level of the participants about the same. Usually you will not see more than two or three sections of «List A», (a few of the «B-list») and a few other guys who have to consider whether a career they chose.

Always had some guys from Europe or South America, which I had never heard. And it was even surprising, as, perhaps, it was difficult for them to become professionals (maybe a pro have been available in vending machines in the training rooms?). Some of them were very good, but you must know that they went through difficult times, until they were spotted at the New York show. A favorite was so good that you realized that the question of their fame - just a matter of time. In 1998, it was a huge Marcus Roel, who was only the ninth, but had a crazy crowd of fans. In 2002 appeared another massive eccentric named Paco Bautista, and the following year - the Berlin Wall - Heyko bulb. This year, Europe is not surprised at such odd person, like Paco or Heyko (without resentment, but none of them have since won the show is not professional), but struck the man with the ideal of all forms, filled and balanced. This guy was the best body of the people that I have seen in recent times. But who is it?
We are John Romano noticed it at the same time. Romano gave me a reference to find out who was this guy. I asked him where he was and he responded that, from Spain. However, Romano decided to talk in Spanish, which is still better than me, except the focus. Nevertheless, to find out who is a Silvio Samuel was to me.

Time to talk was not too much, because after five minutes the man had made her debut at the competition IFBB. When he got to the stage, in its classical form, its musculature really impressed, even though his legs have to be more pronounced.
Steve was so shocked by them, which has organized for a special photo session with Silvio best photographer Pierre MD Bernal. Now the world of bodybuilding knows who is Silvio Samuel, and he is not now the biggest mystery.
Silvio, a derivative from the name of Samuel, was born 31 years ago in Brazil, but soon, along with her six sisters and one brother moved to Nigeria. Living with them was quite cruel. In 16 years, Silvio started playing football and has shown promising results.
Ivan Ganev, a Bulgarian, who trained the Nigerian team of heavyweights. He said Samuel, and immediately saw the physical capacity in a small but quite muscular teens. Silvio, thanks to Ivan, after 2 months, won the first junior competition.
Shortly thereafter, he began traveling with his national team. Over the next few years, he put the records in Africa and Nigeria, which no one was able to beat so far, and his body has grown along with its achievements. He began competing in men and 70 kg, but with each year of transition to a new weight category. In the 19 years he was able to travel from Nigeria to Russia, where he went along with his trainer for new methods of training, and then was able to get a visa to Spain, where he became part of the national team.
There was Silvio plan to speak at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000-m and bring home the gold, but fate had its own plans. In 1998, he has been a gap appendectomy, and he moved the 2 operations. Samuel said that there is more to raise the severity of it can not.
He now lives in Madrid and obtained Spanish nationality. He was not trained from 1998 to 2000, spending time in bars and discos. People always asked him whether he was bodybuilder, and the question is always posed a puzzle for him. Despite the fact that he admired the photo Heyni Lee and Sean Ray, he never seriously thought about that, to compete.
One day, a pair of best bodybuilder the country saw him and convinced that his genetics too good to disappear, and now its time to go to the gym. In 2001, he began to speak, and easily won. Over the next three years, he participated in competitions and NAC WABBA in Europe, received the title of World and European Champion. But soon he realized that if he wants him to learn how to best bodybuilder, he needs to participate in competitions IFBB, where the rules of Ronnie, Jay, Dexter and Gustavo. Even the honorary president WABBA, Serge Nubre realized this when Silvio was involved in the final World Championship WABBA in 2004.
«He asked me where I hid my body is fantastic and wished me good luck, even if not in its organization». A year before the Spanish recognized his IFBB professional.
«Usually I start all of their interviews dry statistics: height, weight, age, favorite movie with Jennifer Lopez, etc.» Silvio rising 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 194 pounds. This is strange because it looks at 220, even 230 pounds! And few know that he weighs 200 menee.
His English is very good, but I have to make sure he understands what I ask. He explains: «I speak throughout the year in Spain, Germany, France and Belgium». «Despite the fact that, as long as my name is not very great, but all are well aware that I have always in better shape, but not as sluggish and fat, what are some of« professional ».
He was not implemented in the everyday consciousness of the idea that a load required to grow. «I just know that you need to take more weight, but I do so gradually, so that my muscles are qualitative rather narrow waist. I never wanted to be very robust, I always have a narrow waist. »Silvio lucky he's metabolism, as Dexter Jackson, which allows it to be in the form, especially with no suffering (I am sure that many of you, like me , burst with envy!). He eats six times a day, but does not deny itself, and on Sundays, unless the front is not scheduled to stage the preparations for the tournament.
I have Samuel and cardio load: 3 times a week, 30 minutes morning and evening 30 minutes he was on the bike or on the steppes. This distinguishes it from other «professionals», which are forced to take 2 hours a day, because after every show, they gained 50 kg of excess weight.
Silvio did not believe in the need to use heavy weights. «Yes, it's good for Power lifting, but to get quality muscle, I think you just need to do more repetitions and approaches». On average, he makes them to 10 for each exercise. I asked him, not whether it has influence Nubre Serge, whom I saw only once? «I have never seen him train. It is just that it seems to me correct, and that brings results ». Looking at it, this is difficult to argue.
Despite the fact that some bodybuilder having a 14 seat, Silvio is very happy with his pro-debut on the «New York Pro 2006». «I came not to conquer but to learn and gain some experience. I wanted to see what the judges want to see from the body, and found that I need to do to be more competitive ».

Silvio was flattered attention it drew, and am glad that has received some valuable tips of living sports legends. «And Viler Flex and Shawn Ray for taking the time and gave me good tips, what do I need to work, they even talked a bit about the business side of sports that I truly appreciated».
Samuel just learn to be on stage, he spoke with enthusiasm about the upcoming competitions «I want to go to a show in Montreal and get a qualification for Mr. Olympia 2006, but now I am not very sure, because I do not have a sponsor. But I know that I can be better and keep its label in bodybuilding. I participate in the competitions, only 5 years, even less than ».
Now that we know who it is, can we expect from him more as the pages of our magazine or on the podium.
Flex Viler was one of many, impressions Silvio in New York and praised him. «This guy inimitable» - Viler noted. «All that he needs - a large separation».
When Viler learned that Silvio is preparing itself to compete, he actually realized that Silvio - brilliant. «The fact that it looks perfect, not knowing that he must do, said that if they begin to manage, we can see it on the Olympic podium to go top athletes of our time».


Monday: shoulders and calves
Tuesday: chest and biceps
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: spin and triceps
Friday: Special day (now it is stretching and attacks to the legs)

Sample menus for the day:

1. 6 welded in a steep protein, 1 boiled egg, milk millet
2. Sandwich of wheat bread with turkey breast
3. chicken breast, white rice
4. steak, rice, salad
5. Figure
6. White fish, salad, pineapple (for digestion)
7. Protein cocktail
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