Jul 21, 2009

Only once!

DJ Wallis - as a future queen fitness swings chest muscles

DJ Wallace

# Born: February 16, 1970
# Place of Birth: San Antonio
# Location: United States, Ohio
# Height: 158 cm
# Weight: 58 kg - Competition
# Professional status received: becoming a winner in the average weight for the championship "NPC USA" 1999
# The main milestones of sports career: "Miduest Pro Classic 1999 - fourth place," Arnold Classic 2000 - the ninth place, "Atlantic City Pro Fitness" in 2000 - the tenth place, "Jan Tana Classic in 2000 - ninth place
# The most unpleasant thing that you have to do in science? Every day I had to cut the rat. I cut off his head and to prepare brain tissue.
# Do you have any pets at home? Yes, the Dobermann named Spartan. He is one and a half years.
# Favorite holiday? Maybe Christmas. As a child I loved this holiday, and still love. However, the last time there was no time dress the tree, so I took and tied ribbons simulators.
# Contact: DJ Wallis, c / o Muscle Medics, 7207 B North Gate Way, Westerville, Ohio 43082.

DJ Wallis - a talent of figure skating girlfriend. It is fitness, but not only them - she wrote a thesis in addition ... on fitness. And yet she was very charming, so talk to them the same pleasure as well as enjoy its dramatic forms.

Dr. Wallace has worked in the area where the latest achievements of science and technology. Her research interests are in the field of neurobiology, but in practice it is conducting experiments with the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, neuromuscular electro simulator, infrared saunas and other ultramodern scientific miracles. Amazing, right?

- I took a fitness still at university - Dee Jay remembers. - Train for yourself, no competitions and no thought. And then met with the academic luminary Dr. Shekom. He advised me to enroll in graduate school Biology Faculty, who led. They say, it's time to biology, where people want to know everything about themselves. I told him about my passion for fitness, about how much this means to know your body's physical reactions to stress. About me I said that, they say, practice for themselves, whereas in the competitions involved only women, gifted by nature. Dr. BEC laughed and said that all this is complete nonsense. Success in sports, he said, depends on how people feel their muscles working. And if he feels the muscle, then, is able to manage. It follows that the success - it is rather a function of the psyche. Well, the psyche can learn anything! Final call out and do the unusual. "Now I was just writing a scientific paper on this theme - develop special methods of" training "mentality - said Dr. BEC. - Come on, you become my guinea pigs. And in a year, I guarantee you will receive in a fitness professional card!"

- In those days I was thinking to quit training, - said Jay Dee. - It seemed to me that in sports, I reached a threshold, and above me is not to jump. Had nothing to lose, and I agreed.

So, DJ Wallace and Dr. BEC began to work together, making at the Faculty Study Group.

- The first six months I have a physical form. Again, under the supervision of equipment, develop the already known exercises with weights, - recalls Dee Jay - But the following six months, I trained "psychologically." From month to month with the help of special methods of Dr. BEC set up my mentality to win. When I first came on the scene, my composure, and would envy the deceased.

Less than the promise of the year, as Dee Jay was the owner of a professional card. Moreover, she did speak at all tournaments IFBB row and everywhere hit the top ten!

Today, Dee Jay, along with Dr. Shekom develop new ways in the biology of muscle activity, in particular, are trying to make the muscle stronger decrease. Everyone knows that at the time of maximum reduction in muscle works less than one third of the total number of muscle fibers. So nature insured against the risk of muscle ligament rupture in the time limit muscular tension. How to tell the calculations, the increase in the number of muscle fibers at the 4 percent level is already sporting records.

In their experiments, Dee Jay and the doctor used a powerful electrostimulator BEC. However, there are no instructions for. Electrodes DJ put on a muscle, which receives the load in the performance of specific exercises. She lifts weights, and at the time of peak muscle tension electrostimulator sends an electric discharge. As a result of muscle strain is stronger physiological limit! With this admission in the thicker muscle tissue begins branching dendrites. Simply put, the nerve branches grow longer, "capturing" all the new muscle fibers. As a result of a muscle is stronger and increases muscular coordination.

When the turn of aerobics, DJ wear a special mask and the face on the "track".

- Here I use the device for the rapid analysis of their metabolism - Dee Jay explains. - The device measures the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide on the exhale. The ratio of gas automatically enters into the computer, which tells how many calories you burn. All of this allows me to adjust to the unique intensity of training for the primary purpose of aerobic training - the burning of fat. As a result, I never practice random. "Burn" fat only!

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