Nov 18, 2009

Many have probably seen this guy. Story about how to become so. At first when I saw him I thought that the guy is one of the Strongmans

It's just that it can be a disease that, the swelling on his hands, well, I think young man with such problems is still engaged. Or take this guy, I saw him in FLEX magazine 5-6 years ago, they wrote that he had biggest biceps in the world.

But all this guys taked Synthol.

Synthol (Synthol). A few years ago, you hardly could find any detail information about Synthol. It almost was not. Now only lazy did not hear about this - so many articles ... Although they are essentially clones of a small transferable little articles which appeared in "Muscle & Fitness" for 2001 and must pay tribute, contributed to the spread of this crap at us. However, particularly active this topic was talked at various sites and forums just in the last year. And I must say pleased that consumers and straights and steroids in the majority agree that the use of Synthol - prerogative of the terminally ill at the head of people do not have to sport nothing to do.

And now in order.


So it decided that the conversation about creating Synthol begin by mentioning esiklen. Let me remind you that this drug was highly popular back in the 80's, has a very low anabolic activity, but intramuscular injections has the property to cause a strong inflammatory reaction, which leads to swelling and thus short-term (around 24 hours) increase in muscle. These properties and led to widespread use esiklen competing bodybuilders. And at the same time prompted a German chemist, amateur Chris Clark to the idea that a good idea to create a similar long-acting drug. Obtained in the early 90's, composition of Synthol (Synthol) - like the name of one of the most powerful technologies of nuclear fusion. However, this name was already patented, so it invented a new - "Pump'N'Pose" (Kacha and poses). Under this brand name drug is now sold worldwide. One of the first users of Synthol was a German strongman Klaus Doring, who calls himself "the owner of the biggest hands in the world" the size of 27 inches (this insaign you still see). At the end of the paper looked into the cabinet of curiosities you will find that now there is nothing unusual. A couple of inches with Synthol - a common occurrence. And kolyat it now not only in the biceps and triceps, but also in igronozhnye, quadriceps, anterior deltoids and pectoral muscles.

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