Mar 23, 2012

Anabolic steroids and diet

Anabolic steroids when combined with resistance training and a diet high in calories -- specifically protein, cause an increase in protein synthesis which in turn provides protein molecules used by the body to increase the size and strength of the skeletal muscle cell -- skeletal muscles being the major muscles of the body. The obvious goal of the bodybuilder is muscular hypertrophy or growth and anabolic steroids can accelerate this process. To maintain this hypertrophy, periodic stimulation (weight lifting) of the muscle is necessary. Without this stimulation, the protein synthesis process will reverse and the skeletal muscle will atrophy.The cycle of protein in the body is constantly changing. The body is in a continual cycle of anabolism (muscle building) vs. catabolism (muscle breakdown). Anabolic steroids alter this cycle and prevent to a certain degree the catabolic phase and may actually bind to the cortisone receptors of cells preventing the highly catabolic hormone cortisol from binding to muscle cells and releasing protein. Methandrostenolone has a dramatic effect on cortisol; perhaps this is one reason for its tremendous efficacy. This cortisol binding inhibition, makes resistance training more effective as the muscle is now only growing. Reacting on the receptor sites of a muscle cell -- anabolic steroids promote nitrogen retention by the muscle. Nitrogen is a component of protein. When more nitrogen is retained than released, a muscle is said to be in a positive nitrogen balance state. A positive nitrogen balance equals muscle growth.

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