Mar 30, 2012


ANABOLIC: The promotion of anabolism or the actual building of tissues -- primarily muscle. An anabolic or muscle building effect is the most sought after effect from steroid use by athletes.

ANABOLlC STEROIDS: These are synthetic derivatives of testosterone; a naturally occurring hormone in the body which controls many functions. One such functions is the promotion of anabolism. Steroids mimic this natural occurring effect and can accelerate the rate. Once in the blood, anabolic steroids bind to androgen receptor sites. Steroids enter the cell and alter the function of that cell. After changes in DNA and RNA patterns, an increased rate of protein synthesis is observed. Improved conversion of protein to muscle happens concurrently with increased nitrogen retention or slightly thereafter. The retention of nitrogen indicates that muscle tissue is being deposited. Anabolic steroids inhibit the amount of cortisol -- a catabolic hormone -- from entering muscle tissue. Less cortisol also aids in muscle growth.

Anabolic steroids are classified as anabolic and/or androgenic. The kind and quantity of androgen receptors found within an organ or tissue determine how it is effected by the anabolic or androgenic properties of a steroid. All anabolic steroids are both anabolic and androgenic. Elite Fitness would rate a steroid a perfect ten if it could be totally anabolic and not at all androgenic. As this is presently impossible, the highest rating we have given any steroid is a nine. The ideal steroid would only exert its effect on muscles; however, steroids effect many other parts of the body as well. This is why dramatic gains in muscularity are often accompanied by dramatic side effects

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