Aug 24, 2012

Bodybuilding And Health

Fans bodybuilding endeavor to develop and promote the sport. A sport is it?

The man - a man. No more, no less. Each person has a different muscle size and quality required percentage of fat and water ... All this is not acceptable for a bodybuilder, speaking at the event.

Bodybuilder in competition - this is not a normal person, and sometimes - not quite human. The volume ratio of muscle violated in favor of a certain ephemeral "harmonious addition of" where the volume of hands almost like the volume down. Relief, which have massive bodybuilders, they just contraindicated. To achieve clean-cut muscle, bodybuilder reduces body fat from 15 to 5.6%! But the fat - it's not the ballast to the body. It is also the substance, which are important for the body's metabolic reactions. And it must be the greater, the greater the mass of people. With a lack of body fat "sound the alarm", metabolism is disturbed and the main task is the restoration of the body fat stores. That is, each received the food has calories work that it did not go into fat.

Another vital ingredient - water. She is also required by the body as a medium for vital processes. And what happened? Water is also being kicked to the full. To the competition out sick people who are experiencing exhaustion and dehydration, but also and demineralization of the body (too salty contraindicated - Salt retains water). On the podium - powerful athletes, backstage - sick people: someone guzzles water, someone to reduces muscle cramps from lack of minerals, some bad (he gets salted water and ammonia).

Other athletes, of course, also "driven weight" before the competition, but they have no purpose to gain weight in the offseason. Also, when have to drive too much (10% of body weight), - sometimes observed such reduction results that they have to move up a category or even abandon performances. And bodybuilders in the order of things to throw up to 30% (!) By weight. And immediately after the event - the same score. It's - a devastating blow to the body. Plus - the use of pharmaceuticals. They, of course, used in all kinds of sports, when it comes to a high level, but it is the result of their use of bodybuilding is so high that even fans who do not participate in competitions, eat everything that we can, forget about the side effects. And they are not harmless. Often the muscles grow to the detriment of the internal organs. If interested - look, that passed through the modern champions.
"Iron Arnie" has built his career on the tremendous hard work and first-generation steroids, so his health is not affected by the consequences of their use.

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