Nov 23, 2012

Now why mention all that?

        Well, if you mess up your filter you can run some methanol through it and then wrap it in a piece of aluminum foil, and then you can throw it in your oven at 250F for 20-30 minutes.

     Then it will be good as new again! You can also make a very good pre-filter which is specifically made for our solutions! Cleaning a spent sterile filter for 'pre-filtering' purposes. The GDX filters have a pre-filter built into them and it is a 10.

By cleaning an old Sterile filter out with methanol you can use it again as a pre-filter if your solution hasn't cleared enough.
1. Run about 20ml of methanol through your syringe into your syringe filter.
2. When the syringe is empty, back draw on the syringe and that pulls much of the filler off the top of the filter and you will see the methanol turn white.
3. Discard the methanol.
4. Blow some air through the filter by taking off the syringe and filling it with air a couple times to dry out the filter.
 5. Let sit 24hrs to let the rest of the methanol evaporate, or you can throw it in a 250F oven.

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