Nov 27, 2012

Steps 7-13

      Your solution is either very cloudy, very dark, or the filler is more than 1/2 inch the way up the vial or you would not be here, but on step 17. This non-settling cloudiness happens sometimes and we can't do anything about it, nor can we do anything about darker shades from old pills.

     8. Insert a funnel into the now empty vial ‘2' and insert the coffee filter into the funnel. If you don't have a funnel to fit into a vial, you can secure the coffee filter over any glass container with a rubber band.

    9. Warm the solution in vial 1 in some hot water again or in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It should be very warm, but not too hot to touch. Pour the liquid solution from vial 1 into the coffee filter leaving as much filler behind as possible. Allow all the solution to drip through.

    10. Now pour the rest of the contents of vial 1 into the coffee filter and let drain.

    11. You may want to let is set overnight as the draining will be slow due to the filler and glue from that last pour.

    12. Put on some rubber gloves as the same stuff that is making the hormone soluble in oil will also solvate the oil out of your skin and leave you with dry skin. Close up the coffee filter and wring it from the edges inward to where the ‘solution' was.

   13. Begin twisting from the open edges of the filter. A ‘balloon' will develop.

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