Jul 9, 2013


Buying steroids is not an easy task because steroids without a prescription are illegal. With the Internet, however, the task of buying steroids is easier even if it is risky.

The first issue with buying steroids is that they are illegal to purchase in the United States if you don't have a prescription. Even buying steroids from a country where they are legal and having them shipped to a location in the United States is against the law. Some people have even resorted to going to Mexico, buying steroids and smuggling them back to the United States. Again, this is illegal.
Anyone who participates in buying steroids is setting themselves up for legal repercussions including possible jail time.

The next issue with buying steroids is that since it's an illegal process, the steroids are not regulated so it's questionable as to the quality of these steroids. People have inadvertently found themselves buying steroids that are diluted or underdosed (which skews the results) as well as contaminated (which can cause serious illness and even death). Other people have found themselves buying samples of steroids that have not gone through the testing needed to approve them for human consumption.

The final warning for people buying steroids is that they are setting themselves up for fraud, especially if they try buy steroids online. Many people and website who advertise steroids for sale are scams. It's difficult for people buying steroids to weed out the scamming sources to find "legitimate" sellers. Furthermore, people who have found good sources for buying steroids are often reluctant to share their sources for fear of their source getting busted.

Many people will tell you that the only safe way of buy steroids is with a valid prescription and from a reputable pharmacy.

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