Dec 6, 2013

5 Things We Can Learn From Arnold About Building Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the ultimate American success story.
In this article, we'll examine 5 mechanisms that perhaps contributed to Arnold's bodybuilding success.

1. Chase the Pump
Arnold was a big proponent of training for "the pump." The pump is a phenomenon whereby muscles become engorged with blood following resistance training. It's primarily achieved by performing multiple sets with moderate to high reps.

2. Keep Your Mind on Your Muscles -Arnold was astute when he claimed that resistance training was more than simply lifting a weight from point A to point B, stating that "the weights are just a means to an end; how well you contract the muscles is what training is all about."

3. Visualize Performance - Arnold frequently employed a technique called visualization (a.k.a. motor imagery) whereby he mentally pictured the way he wanted his muscles to look, and then imagined them taking this form while training.

4. Strike a Pose - Watch nearly any training video of Arnold from back in the day and you'll see images of him posing in front of the mirror. Arnold would pose between sets, pose after a workout, and pose on his off days.

5. Go Heavy - Arnold didn't believe that bodybuilders should train like powerlifters. Rather, he felt that bodybuilders needed to master many different techniques. One essential technique for physique mastery was, in his opinion, maximal strength training. Arnold stated that "the basis of bodybuilding is developing muscle mass by lifting heavy weights."

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