Jun 4, 2014

Quadriceps exercises

It is important not to forget the fitness of the quadriceps, as are the large muscles of the thigh, and represent a very important muscle mass. Unfortunately, as their training is very tired, many people forget to train at the time of going to a gym.

So just because your training is tired so interesting train: muscles are a very important muscle that allow lifting and produce a positive anabolic hormonal response in the body assembly. So even though your workout can be hard, the results will not disappoint.

There are many exercises for the quadriceps question of isolation movements, or basic movements that allow all the muscular thighs. These exercises use machines, bars or just dumbbells, therefore a wide variety of fitness accessories. So it is easy to train the quadriceps of the large number of exercises in the world.

But beware, as a function of each morphology, some bodybuilding exercises quadriceps should avoid, or at least, play a certain way.


The exercises of quadriceps bar offer virtually the 2 functions. For this reason, the work of the thighs with this instrument is an excellent idea: most massively developed quadriceps possibilities, since it is simple and effective.

But the interest in the use of the bar is more important than the simple development of the quadriceps. Indeed, all (or most) will be called closed chain exercises. Thus, muscle imbalances are limited because the other muscles (glutes, hamstring, calves, back …) in synergy intervene or to ensure the balance of power around different joints.

The bar is the basic instrument of the harmonious development of the quadriceps, but also globally thighs: improved efficiency, increased full weight faster and less imbalances, therefore less risk of damage … but as always condition to perform the exercises correctly. The aim should be for the work of muscles cleanly, and not putting the maximum possible weight on the bar.

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