Dec 23, 2008

Synthol to help

Synthol ... This medication has put in the ears of Europe and America. According to the label, usually oil show off, but you do not oil them, no. You dial it in the syringe and to make a shot. And next? Then a miracle! Your muscles in front become more! Hand was 40 cm and has become 45!

We can not say that this is the first drug of its kind. After all, already have ecyclen - prick it in muscle, and it also increases. A long time, he was a strict secret of competitive bodybuilding. Suffice it to do a very painful injections for 7-10 days before the tournament, falling behind and muscle become very, very ... Step of ecyclen was passed on causing damage to the muscles. In places such damage runoff lymph, and thus increases extensor quite a volume. Typically used for his biceps, triceps, deltas and IFR, but are often given injections and the large muscle groups. The effect of the same.

About ecyclen know that he does not favor, but what about synthol? Then complete darkness. And that, agree, dangerous situation for the world of bodybuilding, where no one and never inquired about potential risk, and if asked, only one thing: where and how much?

So, in the early 90-ies of the German body-builder and, concurrently, chemist - Chris Clark, decided to create an analogue of ecyclen, which would act much longer (the effect of ecyclen was grabbed a couple of days). And he got! Unlike ecyclen giving cosmetic short-synthol actually increases muscles, and does so for long.

What is synthol and what it is?
Synthol this is the drug inter muscular fat acid, which is a synthetic oil and put into the muscle, you want to enlarge. The substance enters the intervals between muscle fibers and remains there. In the muscle remains about 70 percent of the drug, the other 30 - to decompose on lipids, just like any other fats, enters the body through the digestive tract. Results of synthol saved an average of 3-5 years.

By creating synthol, Clark experimented himself to himself. He introduced a variety of oil fluids, and although this is generally a safe, once nearly died, as recorded in the arm infection.

Synthol has a different effect on different muscle groups. It is preferable for the biceps, tritsepsa, deltas. Not the back and chest synthol is not so impressive.

What changes can be observed immediately after the stick synthol?
For example, you are injected in the biceps, and start swing arm. And they immediately begin to grow. After the first two training sessions they become formidable. This does not fit in any normal understanding of muscular growth, and therefore some scares. More growth is continuing at the same speed, and you're accustomed to it.

Synthol safe there?
Imagine that making injection, you accidentally hit a vein or artery. Oil ball will walk on the circulatory system, threatening, like a cork, shut up bloodstream. Typical symptoms - acute pain in the belly and jump in blood pressure, asthma, frequent palpitation and a violation of cardiac rhythm.
And if you have synthol in the arm, and then abruptly heard about its toxicity? Return oil from the muscle has no pick out.

And in general, any stimulants in bodybuilding operates a general rule: the better, the higher the risk. Synthol effective means - is dangerous.

In sports medicine is such a reception. If the muscle tear, it makes phenol injection fluids and glucose at glycerin base. Glycerin is a gap of glucose, which contributed to the collagen, and phenol as anesthesia substance. Collagen like seals slightly ends of muscle fibers, and they quickly coalesce. It looks like Chris Clark knew all this and used a similar scheme.

In the role of glucose he stands rezortynol. In the role of anesthetics - chloral hydrate, salicylic acid and lidokain. And all of this again, based glycerin. As a result, healthy muscle fibers surrounded by thick collagen and muscle fairytale increase its volume. But the whole problem is that in the muscle cells must receive oxygen. And what he would do if the cell sealed in a shell of collagen? It can be assumed that the application synthol inevitably entails the loss of muscle cells from oxygen deficiency, a decrease of real muscle mass.

A moral and ethical side of the problem? Someone must be 10-20 years to build the biceps of 50 centimeters. And someone using synthol can do it for a month. Blurred the line between novices and experienced athletes. Meaningless training methods. Disappears aesthetics of sport. Look at the photos and say, is it beautiful???

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