Dec 24, 2008

Sexual attraction muscle

Undisputed symbol of male sexuality, of course, are the muscles.

The reasons for the treatment of athletic forms are not limited only to the physiological magic of male musculature. Human sexuality has never been clean animal forms, it has the highest degree of socializing. This means that the external signs of emerging sexuality in society rather than asking nature. The result is curious situation where erotic considered to be things that are not directly related to the sexual instinct, for example, semi-black stockings.

Society sensitive sub seemingly uncontrollable call sex. Any man would confirm that the female nakedness only enhances physical desire, but arouses his miracle dressed women born art of fashion and make-up.

As for female-specific bias, the studies show that erotic for women is all that is considered a sign of life success. Women can not leave indifferent posh high-speed car, preferably red, watches "Rollers, fat checkbook or exotic bungalows at Canary. And this of course. All these expensive unmistakably demonstrate the power of man's beginning, perseverance and temperament. For the same reason, nature authoritatively declares itself to the woman when it comes to male muscle. Women are very sensitive to the physical qualities, as the men's weakness in the broad sense is for it - a wife and mother - the greatest danger.

A modern man who despises sports, virtually no chance to make a harmonious personal life. Working with him will never be a woman living shock, full disclosure of its physiological potential.

The modern woman

Like their predecessors, the modern woman dream off of force. And as a decade ago, it draws models from the muscularity body. Shvartsnegger, Stalone, Gibson materialized intimate women's dream of harmony male start by specifying a new starting point ambitions of young ladies. Those claims, the rejection of which would normally cost a woman to marry. Sports figures athleticism has always been sexually attractive to women, but today - this is simply a condition of male sexuality.

Charm force

One of the secrets of male attractiveness - knowledge of women's issues. The modern woman, with all its stunning external efficiency remains touchingly weak and limited social creature. The company offers it all over stunning standards that are good for the lacquer covers on magazines, but unportable in this life. Requirements for the exterior, put forward by the modern world, one of the biggest, overwhelming and often sources of groundless women's complexes. Constraints on, the voltage histrionics - only the top of the ice iceberg disbelief at herself, emerging at the crossroads of claims and reality. Unscrupulous in relations - another facet totally hit the woman set of uncertainty, fear of lost and did not take place in the indifferent and disharmonious world.

Muscles of her men give her hope.

They bring a lot to enjoy her vanity, claiming her own eyes. They overshadow fears of a woman who, as it seems, surround it from all sides. They reduce circuit costs by eliminating it from the main women's fear - to life. In addition, they stabilize marriage, eliminating the unnecessary temptations.

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