Dec 24, 2008


Products of local action.

This group of drugs used in bodybuilding and in rare cases in plastic surgery. The mechanism of action in the first approximation is that they are being introduced injection, contribute to the local increase in the level of muscle groups, which made injection.

Synthol Trade names: Pampas-and-Pouce, Synthol.

Since the mid 90-yes in the arsenal of body builder was another drug, like Esiklen which conducive to a local increase in muscle at the injection site. Numerous articles in the foreign press and the Internet showed widespread Synthol.

The composition of the drug manufacturers are held in secret. However, some of it still seep and often serve as support for manufacturers of counterfeit products. For example, Dan Ducheyn argued that the analysis of the «miracle of sports chemistry» he found only fatty acids with 8-12 carbon atoms in the molecule, and lidocaine benzoyl alcohol.
Perhaps Duchenne examination a counterfeit. The lack of data on the composition of synthol, makes it difficult to clarify the mechanism of the drug, but the descriptions found in literature, you can make some assumptions. A possible mechanism of action includes an increase in fiber intake through their oil or «wrapping» oil-based fibers. Impose synthol 4-8 week courses: first to 1 ml in the arm with the interval 3-5 days, then to 2 ml, and so until the muscle continues to grow in volume.
According to the literature, Synthol is to increase the girth of small muscles by 3-5 centimeters. Resolve it relatively slowly: some claim that the bulk drug output within 3-5 years.

Inventor of Synthol is Chris Clark, in his interview with the magazine «Flex» (July 1998), he said that the full security of his brainchild, but this is debatable. Release of oil in the blood vessels could embolism, followed by gangrene or even refusal of the cardiovascular system. This risk can not be denied even by the most furious defenders of Synthol. Incidentally, the recent case of
Milos Satevim is confirmed.

Wrote sports press has also given to understand, that a hundred of Synthol makes training very difficult due to excessive swelling of muscles. Naturally, this leads to a reduction in the duration and intensity of exercises. And I don't think that somebody who are swing with something like silicon, need to work hard.

Another aspect of the application of Synthol is moral and ethical.

Before you view multiple «mr. Olimpia »Dorian Yatsa:« My attitude to Synthol is the same as for all implants. This is an attempt to improve the physique cosmetic techniques, avoiding the hard work that makes this bodybuilding sport. I understand that Synthol does not increase results only distend and a distortion of muscle. Strange, ethereal forms of Delta and uneven triceps today have too often meet in competitions. If the manipulation of the Synthol and other implants will not be banned, because bodybuilding risk of losing all the athletic appeal, which we all estimate ».

Find Synthol in Moscow not so difficult, but the price of capacity, on a 6-week course for a single muscle, which ranges in the region of $ 300, making the drug widely available in Russia a matter of distant future. Some athletes make attempts to replace Synthol «deep» injection of vitamin E or a mixture of triglycerides with an average length of chain, but as far as can be successful, it is not yet clear.

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