Dec 24, 2008

What silent bodybuilders.....

In glossy magazines you can read a lot about the training of professional bodybuilders about their diet and rest, but what role in building huge muscles played steroids, which says little. The reason, of course, is known - the use of steroids is prohibited. Many of the drugs can get only on the black market, while others - with a prescription at the pharmacy.

We will not tell you how to operate steroids - on the Internet information on the subject, say only that the role of steroids is enormous. Without them, a man almost unrealistic to gain as much muscle, how many current pros. Just a shame what bodybuilding is associated in humans with steroids, although in fact almost all the athletes use pharmacology - runners, cyclists, gymnasts, boxers, etc. No one condemns the athlete, for the fact that he ran 100 meters in 10 seconds, but many shouting "if-u-at, so it is all stuff with steroids" when they see a bodybuilder. And indeed both an athlete using anabolic steroids ...

What would somehow open the "secret curtain, we offer you the translation of an interview with a Western young professional bodybuilder, who wished to remain anonymous.

At what I know, you just relax after the course of steroids? How long have you been on the course? What dosage?

Yes, I will now rest from chemistry. My last course is over 2 months ago. Every week I did Sustanone injection (500 mg) and took 30 mg of Dianabol in training days. Towards in the end of the course dosage was increased, and then I finished the course and began rebuilding.
These doses are considered high or low among professional bodybuilders? Have you ever tried a higher dosage?

Sustanone 500 mg and 30 mg Dianabol - medium dosage for me. Compared with other professionals, it's weaker. For example, the highest dose of testosterone, I had 1250 mg per week and even this is considered low. While I try not to increase the dosage, as well as worried about my health.
How long run your courses? How long does it usually rest on steroids?

Usually my course lasts 12 weeks. Dosage better improve gradually, so that the body can adapt. After the course, I also rest 12 weeks. This is necessary to restore the formulation of its own testosterone and allow to rest the internal organs (liver, kidney), which is very heavy during the course.
How different training course and during the rest?

During the reception steroids growing mass and strength. I train so hard, how this is possible, but try to follow the technique to avoid injuries. In a week - 6 train. After the course - only 4 days training and lighter weight.

What do you think steroid best to recruit forces and the masses?

I believe that this is best suited Sustanon. This mixture of 4 testosterone, which perfectly complement each other.
And what steroids do you usually complete?

This is most frequently Vinstrol, Anavar and Halotestin.

How do you come in a set of weight when started using steroids. Are retain typed during breaks?

Since I tasted their first course of steroids (9 years), I gained a little over 20 kilograms of muscle mass. The first contest, I weighed 82 kg at the last - 99 kg. During the rest I managed to save most of preset mass.
Have to deal with side effects from using steroids?

Every 4-5 months, I Rent Out all the tests and still were within the norm. The only problem - it's Akne on the face and shoulders. Because of this, I sometimes need to take antibiotics.

Many speak of depression arising after the abolition of steroids. Do you have this problem?

I try to control themselves and not to fall into depression if the holiday falls during the mass and weight work. I am convinced themselves that this is temporary and after the next course I will be even bigger and stronger.
What are the advantages of using steroids? Why do many people at risk?

Steroids just magically increase strength, endurance and muscle forced to grow as a yeast. No additives no give such effect.
If you have good health and use steroids properly, the harm is difficult to imagine. It is best to be under constant medical supervision.
What advice can you give to someone who still decided to use steroids?

I would advise starting with products that have a "soft" effect on the body. Dosage should also start and short courses - no more than 6 weeks.
What do you think about the use of steroids in bodybuilding? We would like to see this sport without chemistry?

If removed from bodybuilding steroids, he no longer of interest to visitors, because they look at the powerful body relief. Bodybuilding matter of simply disappear.

How long do you plan to be on the needle?

While I will be competing bodybuilder, I will continue to use steroids. After my bodybuilding career, I will exercise without steroids, only for support my body.

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