Jan 9, 2009

Local Muscle. How to ensure the growth of the local muscles

«Test Drive» preparations for local injection

Sooner or later, everyone of us discovers that he is behind the group of muscles, the development of which must be urgently «spur». There is, of course, and those lucky ones who have all the muscle groups equally well developed, but such a clear minority. If the laggard has been a big muscle group, it is difficult to think of anything else except how to change radically its approach to training. In the case of a small muscle groups (biceps, triceps, and deltoid or gastrocnemius muscle), you can resort to the assistance of local injection.
The purpose of this article - not a detailed story on the procedures for local injection, not a detailed description of preparations for their use. This article - a brief overview of products that are used to stimulate local growth of muscles with an indication of how the merits or shortcomings of the one or the other drug.


Synthol is used, contrary to what the entry, including the «pull» left behind quatrotriceps. But to do so, in general, is not recommended. Strictly speaking, the name of the drug used in bodybuilding, does not synthol. This title has been working with the creator of the drug - Chris Clark. When it became clear that the product with this name already exists, the German expert (as Clark was the Germans) made his invention of the name «Pamp-n-Pouz» (Pump N'Pose), which is a registered trademark. However, «the people» called it's «synthol», so we will call this drug synthol.

Synthol emerged as the development of the idea of a rapid increase in visual separate muscle groups, «support» which since the early 80-yes of the 20 century was esiclene. However esiclene given effect, which could be described as short-term, synthol is conceived as a drug that can give much more «long» result. Synthol's feature is that, penetrating into gaps between the muscle fibers, he stretches fascia. Interestingly is that often non elastic fascia is one of the major obstacles to muscle growth. Synthol removes this barrier.
The composition of the drug as follows: 85% - fatty acids (triglycerides with an average length of chain - MST oils, in principle, for this purpose can be used fats, contained in such supplements, as MST), 7,5% - lidocaine (anesthetic) and 7 5% - benzyl alcohol (solvent). The work of preparation is that it penetrates the gaps between the muscle fibers, where it remains. However, not all - about 30% of it is metabolized and leaves the body. The remaining 70% «resorption» fairly slowly - over a period of three to five years.

However, some researchers note, a more rapid excretion of synthol from the body - for 5-7 months. X-ray images of the hands of some «synthetic» athletes made six months after the last injection syntols, found no presence of oil. Interestingly, while synthol leaving the body muscle, not «blown off» - fascia tension filled as removal from the body of synthol new muscle fibers.
Muscle groups, for which the increase of visual is used synthol mostly are Delta, biceps, triceps and gastrocnemius muscle. However, with incorrect use of the synthol, hands doesn't have an ideal form, and the use of the drug immediately catches the eye, and a judge at competitions of this approach to muscle growth for some reason did not approve of. Several synthol easier to apply for a larger gastrocnemius muscle - where its use is so striking, or for shoulders.

Those that used synthol noted tremendous «pumping» during training, which can be attributed to pressure caused by oil in a muscle.

Benefits of Synthol
The benefits of synthol can be attributed, first, that the drug is easy to make and own. Actually, you don't need to produce something, you dont need to desolve any- just buy a sports nutrition store in a jar, which is written MST Oils. Secondly, the effect of the use of synthol become visible fairly quickly and kept a very long time (though not always - see below).

Deficiencies of Synthol

Deficiencies of synthol also exist, and they are a lot.
First, an injection deep into the muscle is always risky to touch a nerve, especially the people who doesn't know well anatomy. Secondly, the risk of abscess development as a result of falling infection in muscle. Usually abscesses formed as a result of synthols are not absorbable themselves or under the influence from the outside, and require surgical intervention. Even the worst case - getting the oil in the overall blood flow, which is indeed threatening to fatal consequences for the organism. That might hit not only because of unsuccessful injections, but also as a result of the gradual release of oil from the depot, located near a large blood vessel.
Moreover, not always and not all synthol used people provides long-term effect. There is also such that the oil leaves the body fast enough, not enough, as it should, fascia stretch.

Esiclene in our market almost never appeared, though rumors about him «earth is full». Few people know that the drug is not only in injection form, which, basically, and was associated with the name «esiclene», but also in the oral.
In fact formebolone - active substance of esiclene - is one of the options we are all familiar metandrystenolon. The difference between the two drugs was only available at formebolone hydroxyl group in position 11, which making the steroid non susceptibility of influence by aromatase. On the one hand - a good feature, on the other - formebolone ability to increase muscle mass more than modest. The drug stabilized androgenny receptor slightly better than «methane», but still very far from ideal. In general, almost futile, if not a «but».

Oral form of the drug and did not have any appeal, unlike the injection (the drug is available in 2-ml vials with a concentration of active ingredient ... 2 mg / ml) to have a way to visually increase muscle after injection. Nothing you do not like? Well yes, of course, synthol. In the case of esiclene effect of increasing the muscle was not so long (3-4 days), as in the use of synthol, but still enjoys great popularity of the drug. Applying it, it is understandable only in anticipation of the competition for one and a half to two weeks before they begin.

Benefits of Esiclene
As such, the benefits from any esiclene then and there.

Deficiencies of Esiclene
But a lot of shortcomings. This is quite a high price and complexity of the acquisition. Not to mention that the effect of applying esiclene is too short, so that in normal life, he hardly anyone ever be useful.

Products based on oil
What is it? Yes we all have favorite injectable drugs, which range very wide. Oil-based, which is used for the dissolution of esters of testosterone, nandrolone and with them can serve as a worthy replacement synthol. Besides, we should not forget that oil is not empty - it has a very good «portion» androgens and anabolic steroids, which in turn will ensure the growth of muscle fibers surrounding it (the truth, while the total flow will be smaller number)
Lovers of this approach is Greg Valentino, whose hands, however, is rather puzzling, but not envy, but it is always important just in time to stop. Valentino's the favorite drug is testosterone propionate, but in this case, it was not clear why limit yourself only «short» esters? There will be no worse than the use of testosterone cypionax or enanthate, nandrolone decanoate or boldenone undecylenate.

The advantages of the products based on oil to approximately the same as that of the synthol. However, the effect of the use of these drugs is becoming visible at a later stage. On the other hand, these products provide the growth of muscles, not only through the accumulation of oil and stretching fascia.
Ah, but these benefits do not apply to products manufactured on the basis of oleate - because of the low viscosity, this substance has virtually no ability to stretch fascia.

In principle, the same as in the case of synthol - risk of abscesses, as well as a breakthrough oil depot in one of the blood vessels, which passes nearby. However, if the product is made on the basis of oleate, the risk that is largely reduced. In addition, the effect of the use of drugs may not experience a few more than in the case of syntol.


Here is just a small selection of drugs - in the form of suspensions of water for injection produced only stanozolol and testosterone. Stanozolol is far more preferable for local injections, more than that - it's what is used only locally. Microchip drugs slowly dissolve in the blood as soon as the process of dissolution ends, the level of stanozolol in the blood increases vary fast, then just as quickly is declining. So when the system of administration often failing to reach the destination.
A feature of stanozolol is his property and interact with receptors on the microsomal androgenic level (that is, with androgenic receptors located within «fragments» - microsome, formed by dividing cells, these receptors are often referred to as microsomal receptors - LL). This feature is also useful for the local growth of muscles.

The relative safety and ease of introduction. Just noticeable increase in muscle, with the result remains a long time.

In some cases, abscesses occurred as a result of the suspensions. Relatively often no visible growth of muscles do not occur.
Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF-1)
IGF-1, as a rule is imposing systemic - in the skin folds in the stomach. Although, in my view the more appropriate is local use of the drug. Experiments have shown a rapid and quite remarkable increase of muscle, in which was introduced an injection of insulin-like growth factor, by increasing the number of muscle fibers.
While hyperplasia (an increase in the number) of muscle fibers under the influence of IGF-1 is not to prove the fact with a great deal of probability it can be argued that it takes place. What can be stated for sure is that under the influence insulin-like growth factor adds to the number of cell-satellites.
Important is the ability of IGF-1 to increase the delivery of amino acids in the cells, accelerate the transport of glucose. Again, it is necessary to recall that one of the mechanisms of muscle growth is to increase its capacity for energy storage components (the same glucose in the form of glycogen, accumulated both within and outside of muscle fibers).

The drug can be entirely safe. The effect of its use can be considered quite pronounced, and, holding it a long time.

The high price of the drug.

On prostaglandin, we have already written some time ago, why stop at this group of drugs is very short.
Prostaglandins are a group of substances, shared the title eikosanoid that are derivatives of fatty acids. Prostaglandins and their metabolites can be found in nearly all tissues of the human body. The term «prostaglandins» descended from pioneers in their belief that these substances are synthesized prostate (prostate gland).
Prostaglandins are not so long ago began to be used in the practice of bodybuilding, but so far used among professional athletes even more widespread than synthol. Synthol has significant drawbacks: its use leads to unnaturally change the shape of muscles of hands, that is very striking. Prostaglandins form muscles do not change, but simply to increase its volume, although not expressed as synthol. Five centimetre increases in the volume of hands with the help of prostaglandins can not be achieved, at least not quickly, but the rise will be very good quality. And the risk of the use of prostaglandins can not be compared with the risks that go with an synthol injection.
A particularly wide application in bodybuilding find products containing the active substance as alprostadil. Alprostadil (drug prostaglandin E1) has vasorelaxant action improves microcirculation and peripheral circulation. In medical practice, its use in treating various conditions associated with the violation of circulation, including in the treatment of impotence (alprostadil causes relaxation of smooth muscles of the cavenous member of penis and contributes to the inflow of blood to the penis).
But not only that. Research has shown that prostaglandin F2 (PF2) has a significant effect on protein synthesis, as well as the ability of muscle fibers to produce more matrix RNA (mRNA), which leads to faster growth of fibers. The same prostaglandin influence to increase the number of ribosome in a cell.

Prostaglandins allow fast enough to reach terms of increasing muscle. In addition, useful, and their effects on protein synthesis and the ability of muscle fibers to produce more mRNA.

This is what can be considered an undeniable drawback of these drugs is their price. As part of the price they have left behind even IFR-1. In addition, the application of prostaglandins can increase fatigue (not the best thing you can be, given the fact that apply prostaglandins, usually before the competition, when working, and so close to zero), can occur as limb edema, in which was introduced the drug.

Papaverine - alkaloid contained in opianic acid. There are currently receiving it synthetically. Papaverine is a non-inhibitor phosphodiesterase. With the inter cavernous introduction he has relaxating cavernous effect on the body. Erection that is attributable to the increased inflow of blood, in addition, the relaxation of smooth muscles leads to a reduction in the outflow of blood from the penis. A long time, the drug used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, but was then «dismissed» because of the emergence of a more effective means - prostaglandins. Now papaverine applied at spasm and peripheral arteries, is a pilot in preventing migraines. Is it also part of hypotensive drugs.
As in the case of prostaglandins, we are talking about intramuscularly application of papaverine. Naturally, for this, takes its solution. The action is the same - enhancing peripheral circulation. Ordinary «objective» drug - biceps, triceps, deltoids. To some extent - chest. Practice shows that the best results achieved to increase biceps (injections are carried out 1-2 times per week) and for the deltoid muscle (the usual practice - separated on different days in different parts of injection deltoids).
The best time for injections - 15-20 minutes before training. Training in this case should take place in «pamping» rejim, with a very large working scales. In general, training in the case of papaverine should be substantially modified in order to achieve the best results and to ensure that these results do not disappear after a short time. But it is a separate topic of conversation.

First of all, this is the price of medication. Papaverine is cheaper, in my opinion, more cheaper can not be anything. Is it that the notorious dexamethasone, but in this case we are talking about local injections, do not forget. In addition, the effect of the use of papaverine evident quite quickly and is very noticeable.

The effect of the use of papaverine consolidate rather complicated, it is not always the case. Approximately 20% of special effect from the use of papaverine is not observed. In addition, the excess of dose with 40 mg (2 ml) can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure, especially in combination with hypotensive activity drugs.

As you can see, the ideal product to ensure that the local growth of muscle, does not exist. In our opinion, the best choice you can take a water suspension stanozolol, or papaverine. And if we take the ratio of «Value for money», a single «choice» can be considered is the latest product. Insulin growth factor and prostaglandins, of course, are also good, but the real effect of their application can expect only those who are not restricted to finance.

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