Jan 28, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger (photo and biography)

"Iron Arni" as Schwarzenegger used to dignify his fans around the world, was born July 30, 1947 in the small Austrian town of Graz.
From childhood boy sustained weakness in sports, loved to participate in different competitions, his father wanted to Arnold became a professional football player. But fate ordered otherwise, leaving the local football team, Arni took bodybuilding. In this respect luck constantly accompanied the young athletes and Schwarzenegger repeatedly became "Mr Universe", "Mr. Olympia" won many other competitions and as a result, he has gone down in sports history as one of the most successful bodybuilder of the world.

The first major success of the actor began with / Conan the Barbarian, 1982 and / Conan the Destroyer, 1983 /, but the breakthrough was the joint work with director James Kemeronom - the first Terminator 1984 / - a film, despite a modest budget has become a leader of hire. Despite the fact that in his films, such as Commando, 1985 /Predator, 1987 / The Running Man, 1987 / and many others, Arnold only to consolidate its hold superhero single line, he did not hesitate to leave in his works from the genre of militants and try to comedies.

At the age of 22 years, Arnold decided to try himself as a film actor and served in Hollywood. Producers were like, and looks and physique Schwartz, but his name appeared somewhat heavy to read, so in his first film "Hercules in New York" / Hercules in New York, 1970 / Future star will appear under the pen name Arnold Strong. We can not say that this film was seen by critics, but for her role in the film "Stay Hungry", 1976 / Swartz received the "Golden Globe" in the category "most promising actor" or something like that.

His game of "twins" / Twins, 1988 /, where he was a partner in the film was excellent Danny De Vito, and was well received by critics and viewers, so Arnold has decided to periodically removed in these tapes - in Kindergarten Cop, 1990 / in the "Junior" / Junior, 1994 / and in the True Lies, 1994.

Come across in his work and failed picture, not met the expectations of the founders, such as "Batmen and Robin" 1997 / Last Action Hero, 1993 / and a few others.

Since the mid-90's star "Iron Arni began gradually faded out in fashion includes a young supermen", and the health of a strike. Arnold moved the two operations on the heart and now is in constant anxiety about his condition: acceptance of steroids in his youth, the constant load and not very good heredity have felt.

But should not, however, forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger - is not only a successful actor and body-but also the successful businessman and politician. He graduated the University of Wisconsin on "Business and Economics," and apply the knowledge, selling real estate. In 1990, President George Bush appointed head of the Presidential Council Schwartz on sport and health, and the president of Austria in earnest once said that he would like to see Arni his successor.

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And the wife of Arnold also indirectly linked with politics. Journalist Maria Shriver, where he married in 1986, is a niece of John F. Kennedy. Their family has four children - 2 boys and 2 girls.

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