Jan 29, 2009

The smallest in the world bodibilder

19-year-old Aditya Dev, nicknamed "Romeo" is well known in his native Indian city Fagvara. Every day, crowds of people come to the local gym to see how it trains the smallest increase in body-in the world of 84 cm and weighing 9 kg.

Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is more or less normal proportions, his head circumference is 38 cm, chest - 50 cm Sam Romeo said: "I do bodybuilding for two years, and now I think I have the strongest dwarf in the world . I have always been healthy, and since has begun to swing, the force has brought me fame. My size has never stopped me. I am practice with dumbbells, as well as aerobics and dance. People are always glad to see me. I was invited on TV shows and dance performances ".

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