Jan 30, 2009

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Miami. Stallone acting career quite difficult. The son of a poor Italian immigrant, he was born in the first post-war years in New York in the quarter known nickname «Infernal kitchen» - a haven of hooligans, drug addicts and thugs gag. Sylvester Stallone child has learned the first lesson of life: «In order to survive, you need to be stronger than the other».

Changed to 13 years in several schools (from where he ruled for bad behavior), becoming a witness to the divorce of parents (now a mother - Jacqueline Stallone - is the column astrologer in fashion magazine), Sylvester decided to seriously engage in sports. However, the boy saw his future in the film, believing that it has enough evidence for this: a beautiful face with large sad eyes and a body of sculptural athlete. But all his attempts to «break» to screen a long time did not lead to success ...

The coach and the bouncer at the restaurant the night, the doorman and cleaner cells in the zoo - in which jobs are not only trying to Sylvester Stallone. And although his dream - to be an actor - came true in 1970, participated in half pornographic film Gela Palmer «Italian Stallion» and the emergence of episodic roles gangsters and the mob was not what he wanted. Do not have success, and his short stories and scripts that at night he wrote the beginner actor.

Movies, where Stallone мелькал of episodes, followed one another: «You can not hide» (1973), «Prisoner with the Second Avenue» (1975), «Capone» (1975), «Racing« shot »(1975), but alas, they were virtually unnoticed critics and viewers. And if not a happy thought, visited Sylvester Stallone in 1976 - to write the script, timed to the 200 anniversary of the independence of America and most perform a major role in the film, it is difficult to say how it would be a fate.

But at the picture «Rocky», move king pretty much the heart of Americans postulate «on equal opportunities for all» and tells touching story of an unknown boxer, who stubbornly exercise, is tops in the sport, went to the screens and from the earliest days of hire has become a hit all cash records. In a day of third-rate actor, Stallone quickly stepped in «rank stars», and his Rocky character - a good, honest and hardworking, seeking a convincing victory in the ring for the glory of his country, has become known throughout the world.

(In 1990, came fifth in a series of screens the film, where Sylvester Stallone play along with his son - Seydzhem.) However, in addition to Rocky from Stallone has another trump card - «Rambo», a series of three which had the actor even more popularity and huge profits. (Today, it is surely among the five most highly paid actors of the world.) Brave veteran of the Vietnam War, people for whom nothing is impossible - this is Superman on screen, has become an idol and role model for emulation of millions of adolescents in many countries.

But although a number of follow-up type of movie «Night hawks» (1981), «Cobra» (1986), «struggles» (1987), the actor has continued to operate successfully found in the «Rocky» and «Rambo» screen image, he is gradually moving away from the prevailing stereotype of the audience his perception only as a hero, which operates on the principle of «Run-shoot». In recent years, Stallone was not only in the most diverse roles, but often serves as a script writer, director, writer. He has a wonderful collection of movies, for reviews of familiar, now Stallone - charming and witty person familiar with the literature, theater, visual arts.

Changed not only the appearance (to replace the bright jacket and a massive gold came impeccably stitch strong suits), but the inner world of man. And what of brawny supermen Stallone now moves to the role very different plan, confirms this.

Participation in a comedy by John Landis «Oscar» (1991) - remake famous French film with a brilliant Louis De Funes in the title role - opened a new public Sylvester Stallone - comical, resourcefulness and fun. And, apparently, the actor has decided to seriously change the line - it is now once again play in a comedy. The movie is called «Stop, and my mammy will shoot» (1992). Officially, the actor has been married twice, each time accompanied by his divorce proceedings by noisy newsprint, and the cost Stallone large sum - several million dollars.

Thus, the first wife, Sasha, left alone with children, has received from Stallone «maintenance» of 33 million dollars. A second wife - known Danish model (now - actress and singer) Brigitte Nielsen (she was partner Stallone in the film «Cobra»), a divorce which has long been the center of attention throughout the press, «satisfied» only million. It seems that the bitter experience of marriage has not yet inspired Stallone to the new «love story». As the «most enviable bridegroom Hollywood», Sylvester Stallone is extremely busy man: he was much, writes scripts, wants to put the ballet, as well as actively participating in the social life of American Bohemia.

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