Feb 13, 2009

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman was born May 13, 1964 in the American city of Monroe, Louisiana. From childhood he was very athletic kid. Due to different genetics, inherited from their parents, Ronnie at twelve years has made good results in sport. He enjoyed football, basketball and baseball. A lot of times to him on the field approached the adults and advised to quit "iron" because of his age is too early to raise the gravity. The most interesting thing is that while "child" Ron is not even represented, as is the boom!

Driven by curiosity, he went to the nearest home gym of power lifters where and continued to walk until he entered the college and move to American football. The new epoch, also not achieved impressive success. It took only 3 years to break into the starting line Grabber as a secondary linebacker. He even managed to take part in the drawing Super cup in New Orleans in 1986. It took some time and Ronnie realized that the strong shocks in a large sport - it is not for him and become a professional soccer player was not interested.

After graduating college with a diploma of an accountant, he worked for two years, a manager at Dominos Pizza, and found that his numbers are not encouraging. For example, answering an ad in the newspaper, Ron graduated from the police academy and was promoted to patrol and Arlington. But the police without the muscle does not good - that Coleman and returned to the hardware. The owner of the gym, where he promised him cop a free pass if he would participate in the competition "Mr. Texas." It was in April 1990.

Then Coleman won his first bodybuilding show, winning first in his weight class, and then became the absolute champion of the competition. Ronnie himself modestly notes that "made a very small number of guys." What can not be said about the world championship among fans, which Coleman has won the following year, earning a professional card. Here it is, and absorbed as much as four years, a huge chasm that lies between the professional and amateur bodybuilding. Only in 1995, he managed to become the first Cup in Canada [and then in 1996 to make a double] and occupy second place on the "Night of Champions." These achievements, he, however, and as "the Grand Pri of Russia" -97, considered major victories in a career (of course taking to "Olympia").

Coleman had never dreamed of a career in professional body-and therefore continues to work with the police all day. He found it on the soul and the question, what would you like to become, if the quarry bodybuilder failed, do not hesitate says: "Of course the police officer." Ron is very anxious to apply his / her profession, considering it the most interesting in the light, and with a smile remarked: "When I was to approach the sidewalk, where having any kind of race, the huge police car, get out and people see that I am more than my wheelbarrow. You can believe me, all at once become manageable as a lamb. "

In addition, Coleman is very calm and balanced person, is considered the most important in your life what would you think? No, not body-building, and faith in God [by the way, his favorite book - "Bible"]. Although, bodybuilding champion, took in the life of one of the most important places. It is thanks to him Ronnie met with his girlfriend Vikki Gates - one of the best female bodybuilding athletes. Coleman, with his enthusiasm, after the failure of speech to "Mr. Olympia - 97, where he became the ninth, started the victory march in the May trade show this year.

Taking first place in the "Toronto Pro" and "Night of Champions" has been on the head and shoulders above all their opponents, including Kevin Levrona, which he yielded only in the San Francisco Pro, with a questionable refereeing. And was fully prepared to take part in the main fight of 1998. Before the May show at Coleman was asked about his plans for the coming competition, and he replied that it would be well arranged to get the top five with "Olympia." Future champion, even could not assume that after six months of his or her name will be forever inscribed in the history of bodybuilding.

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