Feb 19, 2009

Very broad shoulders. Larry Scott

"No, Larry, of you do not go - that's these words I was greeted at the athletic club. - You are too narrow shoulders." To hear that it was doubly disappointing, since I myself know that my shoulders, really, rather. I clench one's teeth and accepted for training. I gave myself a word that more than anybody, and never tell me anything like this. In fact, everything is not as easy as in words. Even after several years of training I looked obvious outsider. However, in the end I do the trick. When I went to the podium first "Olympia" and showed "double biceps from behind," the audience in the hall, the crowd flipped its raspberry. It was the triumphal moment of my life! I am ahead of their opponents and won the tournament. And this is despite the fact that my shoulders do not become wider. In fact, that I could do with his skeleton? I am irreplaceable simple trick, which I want to tell you. The point is that the narrow nature of the shoulders, I compensated for the huge delta. I will not tell tales that all this was a deliberate strategy of my training. Far from it all happened by accident. Once I went with friends out of town and there is strong shoulder injury. It was sick, and for the next train, I decided to give up exercise for deltas Otherwise everything was as usual. The last time I remembered, as was reading somewhere that bruises, fractures and all that cure exercises dealt with the exercise without weight. So I decided to do so make a few press with very light dumbbells to "develop a" sore shoulder Until then, I "shook" delta bar higher weight, and then took first in the hands of two small dumbbells. And when I lifted them above the head, inside my resound like someone's voice: "No, Larry, is not the case. Well try to divorced elbows wider. Yes, right now a little incline dumbbells inwards and squeeze them up. Correctly just do not forget about the elbows. Keep them wider. Take a few repetitions of these .. " It is clear that when I pushed up a heavy pole, I certainly could not hear a hint that of my own intuition. Now I heard it and just followed the instructions. Before I gradually came that exercise transceiving load on the head - medium - pencil delta. "Yes, I realized - I whisper to myself, - Excellent! Excellent!" What happened has opened my eyes, not weight, and shape the implementation of acts on the arm exercises! With traffic, I found myself in 3 months "inflated" the delta of phenomenal proportions. Such delta - round like a cannon-kernel! - My shoulders seemed monstrous! To teach you how to perform this remarkably effective exercise. All you need is a dumb-bell, a mirror, and any support behind their backs at the waist, it was easier to maintain balance. So, get into the hands of dumbbells and bend them inwards so that the little finger were higher thumbcuffs. Remember, the dumb-bell can not be changed. This is the main secret exercises. When the dumb-bell tilted inward, triceps "off" from work. In all other press Delta shared the load with triceps. Lift the dumbbells over your head, but not entirely square cubits. Rights when you hand your Delta "switched off" bent elbows in this exercise, do not give them a "get out of the game during the entire set! And more. Make sure that elbows were taken back maximally. If you bring elbows at least slightly, the load is moved from the middle to the front beam deltas! Reverse the motion should be done slowly when stressed elbows will be a straight line, stay for a moment and try to delete the elbows below to stretch the middle beam. Then go back to its original position and re-start the movement upwards. Let me remind you that you need to begin the exercise with a very low weight in order to learn it. It would be better if you exercise before it comes in front of the mirror, take Dumbbell in one hand and place the palm of the other arm on the working delta. You'll find that the Delta turn to stone "only if done correctly, the movement. That exercise made me a champion. Even as I write these lines, I feel in the deltas of the repercussions of past pain. Sweet pain, I should say.

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