Sep 7, 2011

Strong women

Probably every guy dreams of a little inflated to resemble those girls, I mean the muscles.
But not all do it, but these girls can keep themselves in good shape.
Not everyone, though like many prefer the more feminine girls.

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KAT said...

Why is it necessary to resort to the use of steroids to achieve muscle mass, definition and added physical strength? I am 53 years old now, yet still have very good tone and little loss of muscle mass. I lifted as a younger woman. After my first child was born To see what I could do. I became very intimidating to others and suffered insults, and other tasteless and just ignorant comments from both men and women. I cut back a bit and varied my lifts with race walking, swimming and hard work. I loved my strong able body and now, years later I still benefit from getting and staying fit and strong.
My youngest son, is 25 and he too started lifting as a junior in High School. His only supplement, as was mine,was whey protein, soy and raw eggs.We were almost vegan, due to economical factors. Red meat cost too much.I prepared a variety of meals in which beans were the main source of protein. We ate alot of complex carbohydrates and whole grain cereals and breads. No soda, chips or gum. Very little added sugar and plenty of fresh water.
I fully support a woman's desire to be strong physically. I just object strongly to additives that not only are dangerous to the consumer, but are unsightly to view.