Sep 13, 2011

The sad fate of one guy

This boy was weak in childhood but he wanted to attract girls, so he started to build strength, take anabolic steroids and attend a gym. Sadly, there are always two sides of the same coin…

Aziz Shavershian was born in Russia and lived in Sydney. He quickly became a popular bodybuilder known as Zyzz. He had a lot of Facebook fans who liked his idea of “getting aesthetic”. Aziz was a wannabe model and a personal trainer. He sometimes worked as a stripper.

Besides, he sold a whey protein supplement.His sudden death in a sauna shocked everyone. It was caused by an undiagnosed congenital heart condition. The 22-year-old bodybuilder had shown infrequent shortness of breath and high blood pressure in the last months before his death. Still it is still very unusual that a guy who is only 22 years old suddenly dies in a sauna. The steroids should have been responsible for this.

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