Nov 10, 2011

Dianabol - 50!

Beginning in 1959 marked an event that greatly influenced the course of history in the sport: the walls of the laboratory Ciba released their first design an anabolic steroid, known as methandrostenolone. However, there is no unity of opinion on the establishment of the drug: some argue that such should be considered in 1956 when you received the first prototypes of the drug, others the beginning of the 60's, when industrial production started methandrostenolone under the brand name "Dianabol". The 1959 year in this case can be considered as a compromise - in the beginning of this year, the industry's first example of "Dianabol" has been tested in practice weightlifting champion Bill March.

RESPECT Bodybuilding here Dianabol quickly became the NUMBER ONE PREPARATION Championship and held until the late '70s. LIST OF HIS FANS JUST HUGE AND INCLUDES MANY winner of the tournament, "Mr. Olympia", starting with Larry Scott and ending with Frank Zane.

Original dianabol was discontinued in 1972, but by this time preparations in which the active substance was methandrostenolone, vengeance carried out in Europe, particularly in the Soviet Union. In our former fatherland drug was simply a cult-training athletes, weightlifters, swimmers built on it, despite all its flaws known. With the development of the doping control methandrostenolone from most sports is gone, and now his lot remained only disciplines where the use of illegal drugs look the other way.

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