Sep 13, 2012

Bodybuilding dimension - the drug problem

    Much of the mainstream of the training world, and the bodybuilding dimension in particular, plays down the drug problem, or pretty much pretends it doesn’t exist, and does nothing of substance to help put an end to drug abuse.
    That much of the establishment panders to the drug abusers, glorifies many of them, has made a few of them into icons, and presents them as role models, has played a major part in encouraging drug abuse and the accompanying chaos.
    The drug problem in the bodybuilding world in particular is bad beyond belief. This has brought great ignominy upon mainstream bodybuilding.
   But there’s another side to bodybuilding, and strength training in general. It has nothing to do with the drug abusers or their lackeys, or with bull, lies, fraud, or impractical and useless training routines. After pointing out what’s fundamentally wrong and squalid about the training world, this book will show you the other side of the coin—the clean, honest, truthful, productive, practical, healthy and life-enhancing side.
   Anyone, anywhere or anything that promotes training routines that only work well for the genetically gifted and/or drug enhanced, or offers how-to information on drug abuse (or carries ads for books on the same), or promotes absurd expectations and role models, or teaches high-risk or impractical training practices, or is a food supplement catalog in disguise, simply does not have your best interests at heart. If you follow the “instruction” found there you’re going to tread the same path of frustration and even despair that millions already have.

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