Sep 13, 2012

List of conventional training methods

Consider some of what conventional training methods promote, and see how it’s a travesty of useful instruction:
1. Conventional training methods overtrain everyone other than the genetically gifted and drug abusers, but
overtraining will not help you.
2. Conventional training methods promote some high-risk exercises that injure many people. Getting injured will not help you build the physique you want.
3. Conventional training methods often promote specific dangerous techniques for otherwise good exercises, and those specific techniques injure many people. Again, getting injured will not help build a good physique.
4. Conventional training methods promote a volume and frequency that are impractical for busy working and
family people. But even sacrificing work, family, education and a balanced life won’t make conventional
training methods work for typical people, so there’s no value in extreme measures anyway.
5. Conventional training methods place exaggerated importance on food supplements. Food supplements
can’t make lousy training programs work.
6. Conventional training methods promote exaggerated expectations, and invariably use drug-fed genetic freaks as gurus and role models, neither of which will help you to realize your potential.
7. Conventional training methods complicate training, and confuse people. Complication and confusion can’t help.
8. Conventional training methods are not personalized to meet individual needs, limitations, lifestyles and goals.
This produces overtraining, injuries, frustration and giving up—i.e., failure.
9. Conventional training methods actually encourage drug abuse, because without the drug assistance those
methods just don’t work for most people.

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