Jan 8, 2009

Bodybuilding photos

Ingress needle in the blood vessel (especially in the vein), much more dangerous in terms of development of fat embolism vessels of heart, lung, brain, which very often leads to death. Far more often post injection infection and the development of abscesses (limited purulent inflammation) and phlegmon (Distinguished purulent inflammation) requiring surgical treatment.

Above all components of the drug directly stimulate the inflammatory response in muscle, and large amounts of fatty acids in the long term repository between muscle beams, causing ischemia, and atrophy of muscle tissue sclerosis. Think of at least 250 chances to go into eternity!

Ethics and esthetic's

When it comes to that the IFBB has banned the use of sintol It make me lought.
IFBB with its prohibitions is mockery of themselves. Production list of banned drugs, as they would show that you need to take athletes to achieve better results in this federation. They require monsters and monsters are not forced to wait a long time. But if the use of steroids has nothing to do with a natural sport, the synthol has nothing to do with sports in general - is where something from another world ... Mutants World or something like this. And this is not about whether the guy with the steroid arm of 50 cm will lose synthol bastards to shoulder 56 cm and 27 cm forearm and then where would be natural guys without synthol.
No। Just feel sick of all this.

Cabinet of Curiosities
Gregg Valentino - best known synthol user in the world, and part-owner of "the biggest hands in bodybuilding।" For me, so this shit cylinders instead of hands. Incidentally, what happened to his hand, you already can see ... off easily.

Klaus Doring - this is the same, the language is not rotated say strongman, one of the first users synthol, more like a pig-mutant। "Laurels of Valentino" did not let him rest, that's trying to ...

Klaus Kaak - crazy old man।

How can I comment - I do not even know. Simply say where synthol does not existed, because such places do not. No more idiotic not seen.

Abscess instead of biceps are visible even under a coat of paint. A teeth clench probably trained separately.

And as you these "shit capacity". Now, you just look around: those people around just want to vomit - definitely, it was worth it. For that alone is worth come to light.

Another synthol monster - Eli Hanna in the company of Russian mutants (M. Beko - at the top and A. Skachko - below) and mutants. Cool guys - Take an example.

I do not know what he wants to show there - maybe synthol virile member.

The peak on the left biceps in particular possible, especially if success words, synthol ball in the right place at the right time, as well saw and be able to peak at triceps or from elsewhere.

Gary Bles - very typical facial expression shows intellectual capabilities and deep philosophical thought.

"Powerlifter" with a capital letter. No comments ...

Valery Loktionov - 49 years. And most Nice, at different fora, he tries to prove that synthol in him does not existe. Of course not - there is in the best case - "Oil."

Already once mentioned synthol professionals. So here they are. Flex Wheeler's own persona. Titles will not enumerate.

Ernie Taylor - 11 th place at Mr. Olympia 2003.

Mustafa Mohammad - Mr synthol quattro triceps. Idris Ward-El - Champion USA 2002, heavyweight weight and absolute credits (you only see how the Charter - it seems high time to engage feet).

Look-ka at these guys - yes "they didn't know anything about synthol" and deeply intelligent glance confirmation. Well, those born healthy, which is now too ...

Johnny Moya and Nesser Al Sonbati.


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Got to love synthol look at all the results these guys are getting.
Onthelang (cork Ireland)

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