Jan 8, 2009

Synthol how to use ?

Synthol is an intramuscular preparation of a group of fatty acids, which uses modern generation of bodybuilders to increase muscle size greatly retarded groups of muscle. Introduction of a pair of triple-cubes in the calf, shoulders or biceps, it's absolutely everyday business, because these group of muscle are often lagging behind. The drug encapsulating in fascia (it's look like a surrounding muscle fibers, like a sausage casing). With repeated injections, the large doses of "oil" is accumulating and increase muscle volume. About 30% of input materials is destroyed by body enzymes and take out from body in usual ways. Nevertheless, 70% of input synthol is remains under fascia and destroyed very slowly (over 3-5 years).

Syntol consists of mainly C8-fatty acids, a bit of C10 and 3% C12 (the number means length of the molecule). The product also contains 7.5% lidocaine (analgesic) and 7,5% benzyl alcohol (preservative from micro-organisms). Just continuing the debate on replacing synthol with oil MST, which must be entered regularly.

After the synthol injections some time will be pain in the muscles, but the main problem is not the point. In the beginning you will be very unusual to feel terrible pamp a couple of approaches,look like you beat hands with 30 approach .

Side effects of synthol are not studied yet (drug dealers argue that they do not exist). In response, every case is the same side effects as that of a steroid injection of oil- hit oil into the blood, nerve injury, bringing the infection. Caution and accuracy prevent these side effects.

Application: starting dose of 1 ml per day for 10 days, then 2 ml \ 10 days.
Then on 3 ml to achieve the required amount. Then about a month, is done in the course of 30 days to 1 ml.

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