Jan 8, 2009


Synthol. Something new about synthol and bodybuilders who take synthol

A few years ago you could find any details about the synthol in the media. Its almost not there. And now only lazy not heard about this - so many articles ... Although they all are essentially clones small transferable article that appeared in "Muscle & Fitness" for May 2001 and must pay tribute, contributed to the spread of the crap we have. However, this topic is particularly active became discussed at various sites and forums in the past year. And we should say pleased that consumers and naturally steroids and most of them converge on the fact that the application synthol - the prerogative of the head of terminally ill people do not have to the sport NIKAKOGO Relations. And now in order.

Synthol History

So already taken that conversation to establish synthol begin with mention silken. Let me remind you that the drug which has received huge popularity back in 80 - the deputy, has extremely low anabolic activity, but has the property intramuscular injections cause severe inflammatory reaction, which is a consequence of swelling and, accordingly, short (about 24 hours) increased muscle.

These properties and led to widespread use esiklen by bodybuilders. And simultaneously met German chemist amateur Chris Clark at the idea that a good idea to create a similar long-acting drug.

One of the first users synthol was German strongman Klaus Doring, calling themselves "the owner of the biggest hands in the world" size of 27 inches. You will see him At the end of this article in cunstcamera and you will see that now this is not unusual. A couple of inches through synthol - the usual case. And his knee is now not only in bitсeps and tricepses, but also in igronozhnye, quadriceps, deltoid and chest muscles.

Clark found a truly golden wires (for themselves of course), as provided an opportunity for thousands of people willing to do almost everything for MASSY safe method, which is not to abhor any amateurs or pros. $ 400 - this is the price of bottles sintola, which is prohibited for use on "intended purpose" by all federations and committees, but is sold worldwide as oil for bodybuilding show.

What is synthol?

Synthol by 85% consists of C8-fatty acids (MCT-Medium Chain Triglycerides - urikemy with an average long chain), certain amounts and S10-S12-fatty acids, 7.5% Novocaine (local anesthetics), 7.5% benzyl - alcohol. Speaking in simple language is butter (fat) with some substances. The drug is introduced deep into the muscle, where deposited between bundles of muscle fibers. With repeated injections, the volume of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size, just as stretched balloon while filling the air. About 30% of the body metabolized the drug. The remaining 70% remain in the muscles, which persisted for over 3-5 years and subjected to a very slow disintegration. Regarding the duration of action synthol there are many disputes, but for the most part, they simply are that synthol delayed in the muscles on a much larger period than was stated - at least 8 years.

How to apply synthol? "Injections are made thin needle to a depth of one quarter of an inch. During the first 20 days of daily and 1 ml. Another 10 days - to 2 ml. Then on 3 ml daily until the muscle will increase its volume. When the growth of stops, within 30 days to 1 ml daily. Another 30 days - to 1 ml twice a day. Then on 1 ml per week for 1 month. Only after such a rate increase muscle becomes permanent, and muscle is not decreasing. Through the course of 4 months must repeat again: may be able to make new additions volume (although chances and not so great, some 50 to 50). " In terms of medicine is a very patient recalls obsessive ideas schizophrenia. You just imagine - a minimum of 275 ml in one muscle, at least 250 injections into one muscle!

Exercise synthol users.

Probably many have heard about using that training synthol (language is not rotated to call them athletes) take on extraordinary completeness, becoming "a truly heavy." That case and read about "unusual pampas", that their hands after one approach in any activity to the top of the body "slaughter" after hundreds of approaches at the hands of any exercises. All this shows firstly the absolute illiteracy consumers themselves, and secondly, the absolute literacy of those who sell this dry an. Therefore clarified. Actually pampas (Inflation) - there is a subjective feeling that occurs in an enhanced flow of blood Results for the working muscle, resulting from the expansion of blood vessels and increasing blood muscle respectively, perceived as aspirants, etc. With regard to the gravity of training and "stoning" muscles, then all is determined by functional chemists working muscles (ie, while the inflow of blood and increased, but it is still insufficient to adequately ensure the muscles with oxygen), the consequence is Anaerobic glicoliz, development of lactic acid, burning and pain in the muscles. What happens if the muscle fibers is synthol? Everything is very simple. During the same approach will suspend the oil mechanically compressed blood vessels and nerves, and that there is as pampas, burning, "avoiding muscles, muscle practically not working.

Dangers of synthol.

"Although Clark argues that synthol absolutely safe, however, in one of the issues" Uncensored "Grega Zulaka he withdrew assume full responsibility for the consequences for the organism, with its use for other purposes than oil for posed." This quotation.

Any injection, even properly executed potentially dangerous for the organism. Virtually none other than doctors (and not all doctors) did not know topographic anatomy vessels and nerves. Especially when it comes to the small muscle groups. T. about. with intramuscular injection rather easily damaged a nerve, causing paresis (violation of sensitivity) or paralysis nerve area.

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