Jan 5, 2009

New Year's gift from Gidrunas

Sextuple champion of "Arnold Classic Strongmen" Gidrunas Savitskas from Lithuania in the next year is likely to miss "Arnold." Thus, for the first time in six years, the rest strongmen has a real chance to fight for first place to prestigious tournament.

"I have not yet decided whether to participate trouble," - said Gidrunas. "And then to think about. And yet I have one wish - to have a rest after several seasons of intense and difficult."

However, in the likely absence of a strong Lithuanian believe not all sports fans. Already four months before the tournament starts in multilingual Internet discussion forums began to boil with addiction. The key question: Could Derek Paundston and Michael Koklyaev make a decent competition six champion. And by the participants seemed to be in no hurry to relax.

"Savitskas just said that he would not participate. In fact, the world's crisis, and finances are needed, especially to him. I inspire him, but if the Americans think that it will not come, then it is their negative. This is not inspiring, but relaxes . Sava I know very well. The plan he is: a visa is a coat of gold party, too, a ticket from Lithuania to the United States to buy no problem. If at the last moment he decides to speak to him, nobody can deny, "- told the" iron world " Michael Koklyaev, one of the main rivals Savitskasa in the tournament. "And the fact that he was breathing in the back, Savitskasa annoying, because he went to the limit in terms of power, so now uses the psychological battle."

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